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Retreat with me in 2020

“The only journey worth taking is the one that leads you home to your heart...”

Heart Awakening Retreats - CURRENTLY ON HOLD
In 2013, I suffered a nervous breakdown - these days it's called adrenal fatigue or burnout.
It's an extremely serious condition no matter what you want to call it.
I remember sitting across from my homeopath who decided to test my adrenals, and watched as the little hand on the instrument device almost leapt out of its glass case it couldn't go any further.
I crawled into bed and didn't ever want to get out again.
The exhaustion was beyond anything I could put into words, and it led to an intensive seven-year healing journey of nurturing myself back to life.
I learned a million things along the way, and one of them was this:
I was not living in alignment with my heart's truth - I was overriding how my heart felt with head-based decisions, because that's how we've all been conditioned to behave. I was sacrificing my soul for a pay check, and to win other people's approval. Finally my body said, STOP! NO MORE!
The beauty of the Tuscan landscape is medicine for my soul
Many times I found myself wishing for a place that I could go to that fulfilled my needs at the time:
A retreat centre that wasn't affiliated to any particular religion or belief system -  I didn't want to sleep in a single room or a dormitory with ten others, or have to scrub floors at an ashram (I didn't have the energy to tie my own shoelaces).  I also didn't want to attend a group retreat, as fun as they can be, because I wasn't up to group dynamics.
I wanted a place where I could spend time alone, but also have some emotional support and companionship when I needed it, because life as a single person navigating my spiritual journey became insufferably dark and lonely at times. I also wanted a place where I could where I could walk, write, and rest, but also have fun visiting the local sites and soak up the art and culture. And the most important thing is that it had to be somewhere in the heart of nature with a beautiful landscape and a healing energy, so that my soul felt nourished.
I wanted the perfect private retreat just for me!
In 2016, I found someone who was offering just that: a life coach called Christina Lopes (you can find her amazing teachings on YouTube), and I spent five days with her in Portugal on a private retreat. It was such a wonderful, worthwhile experience, and I knew that this was something I would love to offer others one day.  That day arrived in 2019, when I went on a two-week break to Tuscany and stayed at Daniela's AirBnB.
I knew I had found the perfect home for my private retreats.
That is the story of how Heart Awakening Retreats came to be. And this year I'm opening its doors to my fellow solo travellers, artists, writers, creatives, spiritual seekers, highly sensitive souls, empaths, nature lovers, over-givers, anyone wishing to heal from childhood trauma, narcissistic abuse or burnout...
I'm inviting you to retreat with me in 2020.
I have created a solo retreat experience that offers you the best of everything: much-needed time on your own, and much-needed time with a compassionate soul who can intuit your needs and provide support in many different ways throughout your stay, as a life coach, creativity coach, spiritual mentor, friend, confidante and travel companion.
The purpose of a Heart Awakening Retreat is to get you out of your head and out of perpetual "doing" so that you can think less and feel more - learning to just "be." I can't tell you what a difference this has made to my whole way of being in the world - learning to embody my feminine energy, and then bringing both energies into balance.
Your heart holds the key to your happiness.

Retreat with me in Tuscany 

Spring 2020

The view from your bedroom window

Awaken your Heart in Tuscany


“Life offers you a thousand chances…all you have to do is take one.”

Frances Mayes, Under the Tuscan Sun.


There are many places in the world that have touched my soul deeply for one reason or another. Tuscany is one of them, and I knew I wanted to share her extraordinary beauty with everyone. When I met Daniela in 2019,  we both knew that, with our combined experience, we could offer people something really special.


 I am still in awe of how the Universe connected our hearts so synchronistically. It was no surprise that I was drawn to stay at her home - after all, it is called Il Posto del Cuore, which means "The Place of the Heart." I know, right?

What happens on a retreat?

My intention is to create a heartfelt experience for you - one that you will remember forever. For that reason no two retreats are the same: I will tap into your heart and feel into what it is that I need to create for you so that you feel inspired by your life and your soul leaves here feeling totally nourished. I will not have it any other way!


I like to keep it simple and allow my heart to lead the way. After all, that's the whole point of the retreat: to learn to listen to what you need in every moment and not allow the mind to interfere and control things. I like to have a loose framework in place for us, especially with regards to meal times and activities, but when it comes to what's required for your healing I like to work more intuitively and trust the process to unfold naturally.

It’s not all work, I promise. A HUGE part of a retreat with me is learning to connect with your heart and your joy through play and through having fun and feeling free to be you. Trust me, it’s not a Kelley retreat if we're not laughing a lot, exploring this incredible Tuscan landscape together, and helping you to reconnect with your playful inner child and your creative spirit.


The retreat is about connecting with your heart space and learning to slow down. You will eat, play, laugh, meditate, walk, breathe, stretch, explore, relax, heal, journal and feel what it is to come home to yourself.

 Excited yet? Good. I can’t wait to share this magical place with you.












Retreat Dates & Costs


You can book your retreat anytime between 20 March 2020 and 20 June 2020.

You can choose your own dates, and I'll check availability.

I recommend a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 14.


The DAILY retreat rate is 275 euros and includes the following:

  • Transport to and from Pistoia Train Station. You'll find easy connections from Pisa and Florence.

  • Accommodation at Il Posto del Cuore  in a double room with writing desk, heavenly views overlooking Lucciano, the sound of church bells in the distance & your own private bathroom.

  • Breakfast and Dinner

  • 2 x hours of daily coaching sessions with Kelley

  • 1 x Massage treatment with Daniela during your retreat

You pay extra for lunch, refreshments and any excursions of your choice to:

Pistoia, Florence, Vinci, Lucca, Siena, Romena, Montecatini Terme

I'll email you an itinerary & excursions list when you get in touch.

If your heart screams YES to a retreat with me, EMAIL ME right away:

Daniela and Knight will be there to welcome you to "Il Posto del Cuore" 

Admiring in Florence