One of the things I love most is sharing the stories of my life and speaking from the heart on a variety of topics related to Personal and Spiritual Development and Creativity. My intention is to provide a heartfelt, humorous and healing experience for all who attend. I like to think of my talks as "one long, therapy session for the soul."


My style is both entertaining and enlightening; down-to-earth and relatable, yet always with the intention to offer new insights and create a shift in consciousness from within. I specialise in topics that will inspire people to create change from within and always draw from personal experiences and anecdotes (of which there are numerous). I share my own traumas, tragedies, travels and triumphs so that people feel less alone or afraid to face their inner demons.

I hate to see people suffering or in despair, especially at a time when we need each other so much. We seem to have forgotten that we are in this together, which is why my talks are designed to offer people hope in a seemingly hopeless world - teachings from one who knows both the darkness and the light only too well. 


I believe that when we begin to love ourselves deeply and restore our sanity, this is how we heal humanity, one brave heart a time.


If you are interested in booking me as a Speaker, I would be happy to email you my packaged Talks & Workshops, but if you have something else in mind, feel free to email me to discuss your specific requirements for your event and let's make MAGIC happen!

Please email me to discuss your event. 



I'm a free spirit - wherever life takes me is where you'll find me. The best way to connect with me is via the email address below.


Email: kelleythorrington@gmail.com

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