I'm a citizen of the world - living between UK, Italy, South Africa and USA - wherever life takes me is where you'll find me. We will figure out our respective time zones ahead of time for our sessions.



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private retreats in tuscany


How the Guided Soul Retreats work



A guided retreat runs for 5 nights/6 days

You will arrive on Tuesday and depart on Sunday

If you feel that you would like a longer retreat (for up to 10 days) we can discuss this during our initial call.

It is during this call that you and I will find out whether a guided retreat is right for you, if it is a good fit for both of us, and the core issues that you would like to work through together.


What you can expect

From the moment you arrive to the time you leave you will immerse yourself in the process.

I will guide you every step of the way. I will be your coach, your companion and your counselor during your stay.

I am here to help you identify what your soul wants to heal, to move through past pain, confront and release old fears, connect with your heart and live in truth as you go forward.

This is not easy work; if you’ve been on this path for sometime you know that it takes a lot of courage to do the inner work.

The power of your intention to heal and the power of two when focused on your healing results in powerful shifts.

My promise to you is that if you are willing to show up and do the work then I will give you all that I have to offer to ensure that you leave here transformed.


It’s not all work, I promise

A HUGE part of a guided retreat with me is learning to connect with your heart and your joy through play and through having fun and feeling free to be you. Trust me, it’s not a Kelley retreat if we are not laughing a lot and exploring this incredible Tuscan landscape together and helping you to reconnect with your playful inner child and your creative spirit.


What happens on a retreat?

Firstly, let me say this: This is not just a retreat. I want to create a heartfelt experience for you…one that you will remember forever. For that reason no two retreats are the same: I will tap into your heart and feel into what it is that I need to create for you so that you feel inspired by your life and your soul leaves here feeling totally nourished. I will not have it any other way!


I like to keep it simple and allow my heart (my intuition) to guide the process. After all, that is the whole point of the retreat: to learn to listen to what you need in every moment and not allow the mind to interfere and control things.

I like to have a loose framework in place for us, especially with regards to meal times and activities, but when it comes to what is required for your healing I like to work more intuitively and trust the process to unfold naturally.


The retreat is about connecting with your heart space and learning to slow down. That means your retreat could include any and all of the following: Meditation; morning stretches at sunrise; walking in the hills of Lucciano; greeting the neighbours with “Buongiorno” as we pass them by; taking photographs of the surrounding beauty; breathing deeply in nature; eating juicy figs straight from the trees; journaling; soaking up the sun; reading poetry; sketching; singing; dancing; laughing (a lot); focused coaching and healing sessions; exploring Florence or Vinci or Montecatini thermal spas together; chatting to me and drinking the local vino rosso while I cook dinner.


Excited yet? Good. I can’t wait to share this magical place with you.


Intensive Healing Programme

When I connect with you during our initial call I will know what kind of retreat you need. You may need a more intensively focused healing programme, especially if you have experienced a tremendous amount of trauma in your life. When we experience any kind of trauma our natural instinct is to shut down and close our hearts in order to protect ourselves. That’s normal and necessary for a period of time, but we cannot stay there for too long or else we deprive ourselves of the very reasons why we came here: to fully experience life and all of our emotions, to love and be loved, to express our creative power in the world and to connect with our spiritual nature and our true, authentic selves.


These are my areas of specialization as a Life Coach:


* Inner child work

* Healing Codependence

* Understanding the nature of addiction

* Healing Childhood trauma

* Unleashing your Creativity

* Healing Relationships

* Deep Soul work

* Life purpose

* Burnout recovery

* Self-Love

* Grief

* Spiritual Awakening

* Dark night of the soul

* The importance of play and laughter in our lives

* Balancing masculine/feminine energy

* The Awakened Masculine


Men are welcome on retreat

Working with men is one of my great joys as they often don’t receive the emotional support needed when going through major life challenges. They often feel embarrassed to reach out or feel that it is weak to ask for help: this is not the case and this is exactly why my retreat is perfect for you. It is imperative that we break the stigma that it is weak for men to be vulnerable and live from their heart spaces: we need only look at the destruction on the planet to know that it’s time for men to reconnect with their hearts and find the courage to live their truth no matter the consequences. By doing this they set other men free to be their true, sensitive and powerful selves. Men, I welcome you to reach out and connect with me so that we can begin the healing work together so that you can step back out into the world as a new, awakened man.


Guided Retreat Costs


The rate for a standard guided retreat is $1900-00/£1550-00/€1750


This includes:


  • Transport to and from Pistoia Train Station

  • 5 nights’ accommodation at Il Poste del Cuore

  • Double room with heavenly views and private bathroom (not en-suite)

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner (including a meal out at our local restaurant, Il Borghetto) apart from the meal out on our day trip excursion.

  • All transport during your stay (to save you the trouble of car hire)

  • All coaching, healing, creative sessions and activities with me during your stay, plus 1 x follow-up session on Skype.

  • 2 x Massage therapies with Daniela

  • An excursion of your choice (Montecatini Terme, Vinci or Florence)


If you need to stay a day before the retreat starts or a day after please let us know. We may be able to provide a different room for you at an additional cost.


If you feel that you would like a longer retreat (for up to 10 days) we can discuss this during our initial call.


The Location

Il Posto del Cuore is in Lucciano, which is situated about 30km from Florence, 75km from Pisa, 20km from Montecatini Terme and 25km from Vinci.


The nearest train station is Pistoia. You can fly into Pisa Airport and catch the train via Lucca or Florence. Daniela will collect you from the train station.


The Venue

Daniela’s home is a very special place, and you will be living in her home with her and her dog, Knight. He’s a real cutie pie and he loves a cuddle. It’s a relaxed and informal home; this is not a hotel resort or luxury lodge – it is a real home with real people based in an authentic Italian hilltop village, so from time to time you will hear church bells ringing, children playing, dogs barking, cocks crowing and tractors running.


Your bedroom is sparkling clean and spacious with a comfy double bed, an enormous wardrobe, Wi-Fi and the best views of Tuscany as far as the eye can see. You have your own bathroom down the passage with handheld shower over bath and bidet. It goes without saying that we cannot control the weather or outside noise, but it is rare that anything too major disturbs the exquisite peace you will feel here.


Daniela’s home has a huge verandah where we will conduct our coaching sessions during the warmer months; you can also sit here anytime for meals or meditation, and we will provide you with a yoga mat if you’d like to stretch or do yoga at sunrise or sunset or under a moonlit sky. There are wonderful walks in every direction so you can explore as much as you like in your free time. Think olive groves, fig trees, vineyards and narrow roads with the sounds of the church bells of Santo Stefano ringing out across the hills of Lucciano.


Daniela will prepare breakfast and lunch for us, and I will prepare dinner while you chat with me and drink a glass of local red wine or juice, tea or water – whatever your preference. The food is simple and delicious, using local ingredients wherever possible. You will of course let us know if you have any allergies, if you are vegan or vegetarian and we’ll do our best to cater to your needs. If it’s too complicated for us you will be asked to bring some of your own supplies and/or cook your own meals (if you prefer) and we’ll adjust the price accordingly.


Terms and Conditions



We require a 50% non-refundable deposit at the time of booking, and the balance is due two weeks before you arrive. You can also choose to pay the total in three installments over three months before your start date.



If you have to cancel for any reason we may be able to move your date so that you will not lose your deposit, but only if you cancel a minimum of 6 weeks before your start date. We have to be strict about this as there is often a waiting list for retreats and we do not want to disrupt other bookings, but we do understand that life happens.


Guided Retreat Dates

Our guided retreats run throughout the year, no matter the season.

All retreats start on a Tuesday and end on a Sunday, so just pick your date and enquire about availability.



Here’s an idea of average annual temperatures in Tuscany, so you can plan what clothes to bring.

Yes, it’s really cold in winter and yes, it’s boiling hot in summer and yes, it’s much milder in spring and autumn. But in the colder months, the indoor heating is turned on, and mugs of hot tea, coffee and hot chocolate are readily available. We will work indoors mostly but will wrap up warm and go for long walks outside, and we can bathe in the hot thermal springs at Montecatini Terme (if you choose this for your excursion). In summer there are mosquitoes and so we advise you to bring insect repellent, but we will also have a mosquito plug in your bedroom and some coils outside.


Average Low and High (Celsius)                                Average Low and High (Fahrenheit)

January      3/11                                                                       January 37/52

February   3/13                                                                       February 37/55

March       6/16                                                                        March 43/61

April         8/19                                                                         April 46/66

May         12/23                                                                        May 54/73

June        15/27                                                                         June  59/81

July         18/30                                                                         July 64/86

August   17/30                                                                        August 63/86

September 15/27                                                                   September 59/81

October       11/22                                                                  October 52/72

November   7/16                                                                    November 45/61

December 4/12                                                                      December 40/54

For Bookings & Enquiries please email me at: