I'm a citizen of the world - living between UK, Italy, South Africa and USA - wherever life takes me is where you'll find me. We will figure out our respective time zones ahead of time for our sessions.



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Oh goodie, my favourite subject: ME.

That reminds me. I need to write a book on Narcissists. I'm calling it "Do you love me as much as I do?" In it I'm listing the names and numbers of all my ex-boyfriends so you can avoid them like the plague. Then I'm going to emigrate to Vladivostok.

Who am I? Well, let's see. Like you, I'm a multi-dimensional being, but in human form it depends which personality wants to come out to play. I have an intensely deep and dark nature (my Moon in Scorpio), combined with a childlike and spontaneous one too (my Sun in Gemini), but I always try to be sincere (but only when Uranus is in my Venus).

I'm all about the Soul. I'm all about helping you to reconnect with your beautiful Soul. I write about, talk about and teach about the human condition from a spiritual perspective.


It is essential to understand what is playing out in your life from the perspective of your Soul, so that you can make the most empowering choices for your growth and evolution. This will create the shift from being trapped in unhealthy patterns that keep you feeling powerless to knowing your true power as a multi-dimensional Universal Being.


My name means “Warrior,” which is highly appropriate since I feel like I’ve spent most of my life on the battlefield, waging war with the world, until I “woke up” and realised that the outside world was just a reflection of what was going on inside of me. It was a swift descent into hell. Like all survivors of childhood sexual abuse and humans who have grown up in severely dysfunctional homes, I had to deal with the aftermath of the damage it had done to my soul and my psyche: anxiety, depression, PTSD, burnout, low self-esteem, eating disorders, addictions, abusive relationships, codependency and a total loss of identity.


There were times when I didn’t think I’d make it. But, against all odds, the heroine inside of me persisted and triumphed. I learned just how resilient and courageous I am. Twenty years on - yes, that’s how long it has taken - I feel as if I’ve won the war and that the “wounded warrior” has been transformed into the “spiritual warrior." I am now embarking on a new path of living out my purpose as a Messenger of Love, Light and Healing – and I’m here to show others the way.

Exploring this planet is one of my big loves. I am eternally curious about this beautiful, crazy world of ours, and very often I'll do it alone - it is a freedom that I value most highly and an undertaking that has really empowered me and deepened my relationship with myself. I am at my happiest with walking shoes and backpack on, wandering from place to place with no real agenda.


The other thing that sets my soul on fire is humour - it plays a huge role in my life. I am constantly observing our human flaws and foibles and dreaming up comedy characters and sketches (pics below), as that's literally my favourite thing of all: helping us to laugh at ourselves a bit more!


Laughter says, "I know things seem bleak right now, but I promise you that, eventually, everything's going to be ok. Or not. Then you die and come back and start over."