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is a writer, comedy actress, and Martha Beck Life Coach (2009).

She supports and guides people on their life journey, no matter where they find themselves: lost, confused, alone, or depressed, and in need of a wise (and sometimes witty) companion to steer them back on course and show them the way to freedom.

“As a free spirit, I used to think that freedom was something external to me. I used to travel the world believing that I was free. But when I reached my twenties, all I wanted was to be free of the unbearable emotional pain that was eating me up inside. Slowly, over time, as I faced my demons head on instead of running from them, my inner world began to shift, and I discovered an inner freedom that I never knew possible. But it is. And I can show you how.”

Kelley offers private coaching sessions, and inspires, amuses and empowers people through her blog, books (coming soon), and videos on YouTube.

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