I'm a citizen of the world - living between UK, Italy, South Africa and USA - wherever life takes me is where you'll find me. We will figure out our respective time zones ahead of time for our sessions.



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Coaching with Kelley

I am a Highly Sensitive Soul; INFJ (Myers Briggs), Intuitive Empath and a certified Martha Beck Life Coach. I met Martha through an amazing series of synchronistic events (above) and trained personally with her in South Africa in 2009, and I've never looked back. I work intuitively with each client, always taking a heart-centred approach but getting to the truth of what your soul needs to hear (not your ego) is key to creating powerful shifts in your life.

How to work with me

It takes immense courage and commitment to do the soul work required to transform your life. As such I only choose to work with clients who are 100% committed to their journey and who are ready to invest in themselves. I believe that investing in your emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing is not only a priority but a profound act of self-love. When you heal yourself you shift your entire way of being in the world and begin to live at a higher level of consciousness, and you step into your true Divine power. 

All of my coaching courses and programmes are designed for us to go on a powerful journey together, which is why I don't offer single coaching sessions. Healing is a process and true transformation requires time, patience and ongoing support and mentorship, which is why I prefer to work with a few select clients over a longer period of time. We will set up a consultation call initially to make sure this is the right fit for both of us. 


Here are my current offerings:

3-month Personal Mentorship Programme

We will work intensively together for 12 weeks which will allow you to have powerful and transformational shifts in your life. You will receive 2 x weekly coaching sessions plus extra videos and resources.

Cost: Email me for details

Coming Soon (Jan 2020)

Healing Codependence: Your First Steps to Freedom

A 9-month Online Group Coaching Programme

Limited to 9 participants only.

Full details will be posted here mid-November.

If you would like to be notified when the details are ready please email me.

1:1 Private Healing Retreat in Tuscany

Full details on my Retreats page.


Contact me: