Welcome to my Blog

I created my Blog as a creative home where my multiple personalities can unhook their bras, unzip their pants, and let it all hang out. After all, it’s not good to keep one’s madness bottled up (unless you’re Jeffrey Dahmer, then it’s a very, very good idea).


That means that, as I set my inner child, comedian, cynic, adventurer, prostitute, mystic and goddess free to express themselves on the page, anything is wildly possible.


Mostly, I want to share anything from my own life and others' that might help you on your path:

from humorous anecdotes to the dark and twisted musings of my mind.

Some of my favourite topics to explore are: personal development, mental health, spirituality, metaphysics, epigenetics, human evolution, codependency, burnout, addictions, travel, new thought, philosophy, health & wellness, art, nature & beauty.


As a chronic over-sharer, I will always offer up my truth to you, whether tragic or comic in nature.

Together, we’ll dive deep into the dark, the delicious and the desperate tales of this experience we call Life, and how we can each live more creatively-inspired lives. I am literally peeing my pants with excitement.


This is my life. These are my stories.


Love Kelley xx

Contact me

To book a coaching session or connect with me, you can email me: kelleythorrington@gmail.com

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