About Kelley

Hi, I'm Kelley

I’m a curious, creative, courageous, free-spirited, humorous, and passionate soul. From the age of 12, I was obsessed with becoming a writer and actress. I pursued my dreams after graduating from drama school, but I never felt good enough, and I never believed in myself, although I was great at putting on an act for the world.

Eventually, the charade caught up with me when I hit rock bottom in my early twenties. I thought I was going insane. Memories of childhood sexual abuse and family trauma began to surface, and I was left to deal with the aftermath of the damage that had been done to my soul and my psyche. I experienced it all: anxiety, depression, PTSD, burnout, low self-esteem, eating disorders, addictions, narcissistic relationships, codependency, and a total loss of identity.

I knew that if I didn’t get help I’d end up self-destructing, and I’d never create the dream life that I desired. I made a promise to myself that I would do whatever it took to heal my childhood trauma, so that I could set myself free of the past, get my sanity back, and break the cycle of suffering.

Facing my demons and doing the intense psychological and spiritual work for the past twenty years, is the hardest and most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. My healing journey continues to unfold, and I am committed to doing the work daily.  Why? Because I long to experience true freedom, which for me means inner freedom.

Now, it has become my life’s work to help others do the same.When I’m not writing or coaching, I’m performing comedy sketches or exploring the world – travelling this beautiful planet has saved my life. When I’m not at home in the UK, you’ll find me wandering the hills of Tuscany, or hanging out on the red rocks of Sedona: two of my favourite places on the planet. I hope you and I get to hang out some day, too.