I'm a citizen of the world - wherever life takes me is where you'll find me. The best way to connect with me is via the email address below.



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I took this photograph when I went to Assisi, Italy on a spiritual pilgrimage in 2014, following in the footsteps of St. Francis.

Hello Wildly Creative Soul

I'm Kelley, and I'm a Writer, Comedy Actress, Storyteller, Speaker, World Explorer and Life Coach.


In my world, everyone is free to follow their heart's calling and live a life filled with love, inspiration, connection, creativity, meaning, purpose and passion.


I believe that a major cause of our suffering is that we are not encouraged to heal the pain of our past and to follow our own soul's calling. Instead, we are conditioned to conform to a societal narrative that seeks to pull us further and further away from who we are and what we truly value and desire, and this takes an enormous toll on our mental health.

I lead Storytelling Workshops and Creative Retreats around the world, because I believe in the healing powers of storytelling. In my own life I have discovered that self-expression is a powerful antidote to depression. Finding your voice, expressing your truth and giving your inner child the opportunity to play and break free of the norms is a wonderful way to help you to heal, expand your consciousness, reconnect with your true self, shift your perspective and tap into your creative gifts.


My workshops are intended to be transformational experiences, combining all the things I love: 

Creativity, Community, Curiosity, Connection and Consciousness.


My mission is to help you figure out what sets your soul on fire, so that you can find the courage to follow the wisdom of your wild, creative heart. That's when the magic begins to unfold in your life. That's when you know that...


Anything is wildly possible.