I'm a citizen of the world - living between UK, Italy, South Africa and USA - wherever life takes me is where you'll find me. We will figure out our respective time zones ahead of time for our sessions.



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I took this photograph when I went to Assisi, Italy on a spiritual pilgrimage in 2014, following in the footsteps of St. Francis.


My Soul Tribe Of Lightworkers, Spiritual Warriors, Sensitive Souls, Mystic Misfits,

New Age Navel-Gazers, Wild Brave Hearts, Love Revolutionaries and Eternal Freedom Seekers.

I'm Kelley and I'm a Storyteller, Spiritual Coach, Speaker,

World Explorer, Comedy Actress and Freedom Seeker.

My purpose is to shed light on the human condition from the perspective of the Soul.

I am someone who understands this journey deeply and can provide counsel and companionship on your spiritual path as you heal and awaken.

I am able to see Life from a 'higher' perspective which I have always found helpful when I'm lying face down on my bathroom tiles in despair. To know that there is a greater purpose to my life has always brought me so much calm and clarity in times of distress (well, that and an Oreo Mc Flurry).

With my background in Theatre & TV as a writer and actress, I love to use creative tools such as writing, play acting, humour, storytelling and other weird and wonderful activities to help you to heal, to deepen your experience of yourself and shift your perspective. 

Are you ready to Find Your Freedom?


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I hold Talks, Workshops and Retreats worldwide interacting with people around various personal development and spiritual growth topics.

I believe that humans are sick and tired of being told what to do, who to be and how to think.

That's why my philosophy and practise is built around FREEDOM!


It is based on the premise that we all want to be FREE from:

Childhood trauma

Emotional suffering

Codependent relationships

Religious indoctrination

Our mental prisons

Societal & ancestral programming


Fear, guilt and shame

Prejudice, criticism and judgement

A deep sense of unworthiness

External control

Living in Survival mode

Our egos running the show

So that we are FREE to:

Be Healed and Whole

Live from our intuitive heart space

Find inner peace

Make conscious choices

Speak our truth

Connect to source

Know our true spiritual power

Live from a higher state of consciousness

Love unconditionally

Tap into the Universal Magic that exists all around us

Live an abundant life filled with passion, inspiration and creativity

It's time to create a new world and that will require a new way of being.

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Join me in Tuscany for a 1:1 Private Retreat
Enquire about 2020 Dates

There's nothing I love more than working one-on-one with individuals in beautiful surroundings, and what could be more soul-enriching and awe-inspiring than Tuscany?

I offer 5-night/6-day retreats at Il Posto del Cuore...the Place of the Lucciano, Tuscany, only 30km from Florence. Retreats start on a Tuesday and end on a Sunday and they are currently available in April and May/September and October 2020.

It is a fully immersive experience in order for you to get the most out of our time together. I will be your coach, counsellor and companion as you explore your inner world and reconnect with your soul's path and your heart's desires and longings.

It's not all work, I promise. You will have lots of fun exploring the natural beauty of your surroundings; walking, meditating, laughing, eating, playing, creating, singing, dancing and just learning to slow down and master the art of being.

Are you ready to join me for a transformational 5 days in Tuscany?

If the answer is YES then don't hesitate. You can find out everything you need to know under my Retreats page, or you can go directly to